We are very happy with our new furnace my wife is so far pleased, the installation and followup i requested were done very well, we would recommend Furnace King to friends and relatives.

-Danny, Etobicoke

I happened on Furnace King by chance since they are Home Depot’s designated contractor. I was a bit uneasy because I hadn’t heard of them before but after checking their online reviews I felt a lot better. I was also pretty sure that Home Depot would only partner with quality installers.

Any remaining uneasiness completely disappeared when I met Sandip, Furnace King’s system designer extraordinaire! Sandip is super qualified and very knowledgeable in his craft. He took the time to explain the system options and the various rebate programs available to me. After we agreed on the options Sandip was able to schedule the work within a week or so.

The installation team was exceptional, their installation was clean and neat and, except for a new furnace and air conditioner, there was no sign that they had even been in our house.

Shortly after the install team left another Furnace King employee, Brian, arrived to certify the installation and fine-tune some of the parameters.

As it turned out there were some issues with the equipment that was installed but Sandip assured that Furnace King would take of them. They did just that by completely replacing parts of the system and even upgrading in the process. The second install team was the same as the first, professional, knowledgeable and was careful not to leave any mess behind.

Our system performs very well and I have no hesitation in recommending Furnace King to anyone who is looking for a quality product and, perhaps more important, a great installation. I’m sure you will find that Sandip and the crew exceed your expectations.

-Jim, Oakville

Your crew did a good job and presented themselves well. Everything thing seems to be working properly.
I would be very happy to recommend you and your company to my friends and family.

-Brian, Mississauga

Hi Sandip, good morning: hope this finds you well!
Thank you for your note, as well as for your kind attention to our home HVAC needs during the shopping, purchasing, and then installation, of our new home furnace.

Nancy and I truly appreciate both your kind care and expertise. From the speed of the upfront response to our furnace failure, to your ‘later that same evening’ attendance at our home (to comprehensively walk Nancy and I through our options), to the excellence of the installation the following day, to the check-in and review of the installation (by both you and others at Furnace King) the next day after that, all things exceeded expectations.

You clearly understand your business, Sandip. What is perhaps the most impressive, however, is your follow-through along the process, after we’d signed the purchase agreement. This includes your call on the day of the installation and, of course, your kind note (below).

Thanks very much, Sandip! We look forward to keeping in touch with you for our future HVAC needs.

-John, Mississauga

“Thanks for your quick response after our furnace stopped working.

Furnace King had a new unit installed within in 20 hours of our meeting. The two fellows who did the work were polite, professional and they did an excellent job.

I would recommend you and your company with absolutely no hesitation.

Thanks again.”

-Bruce, Mississauga

Hi Sandip,

It was a great pleasure to work with a professional like you.

I was greatly impressed by the efficiency of your services and by your exceptional organizational skills.

Your team Mike, Joe and the other members demonstrated a very high degree of knowledge and completed the entire assignment at a record time.

Over all we are very happy that we selected you and your firm to complete our project.

Thanks again for the flawless project execution.

Best Regards to you and your Furnace King associates.

-Mikel, Mississauga

“Zach and myself are quite happy with the new furnace. The install was quick, quicker than I expected and I loved coming home to a warm home, lovely surprise I thought it would be until the next day. Although I was not home Zach assured me the installers were very professional. The furnace works wonderfully and upstairs is much warmer now. I would recommend you guys to anyone. It was more expensive than I was hoping to pay but I know we paid for quality. I received the rebate info in the mail today so I appreciate that as well. It is important to me that you were able to come give us a quote on the Sunday. It was such awful luck to have the furnace turned off on a Friday and I couldn’t believe no other place we called was willing to take our money sooner! Haha. Again I really appreciate you taking time on a Sunday to come and help us out.”

-Carolina, Milton

“Starting with you, your presentation and consulting with us on what our needs were, left us feeling very confident that the units we were purchasing were the right ones for us and that your company, Furnace King, along with the backing of Home Depot, was the company we wanted to deal with.  You explained how the furnace and AC units work, and answered all our questions. The quotation you provided us was very fair and you explained to us how we could save money by taking advantage of the home energy rebates and helping us through this process.

In less than one week, our furnace and AC were installed.  Our scheduled install went very smoothly.  The installers, Joe and Mike, were great guys; they arrived on time, laid out their protective carpeting from our front door, down the hall and down the stairs to the basement. Everything was cleaned up once they left; there was no stray garbage laying around.  They answered any questions I had and explained the work they did when it was all complete.

I loved the fact they went out of their way to make sure that the old venting pipe from the furnace (which was y-connected to our existing hot-water tank) was completely removed and not just cut and then capped off.  They re-worked it so that it was just one clean vent from the hot-water tank and out, which looked really nice.  Another thing I really appreciated was the fact that Joe was kind enough (even after a long days work!) to check my existing natural-gas fireplace, when I asked. I just wanted to know that it could turn on with no problem. I had been slightly hesitant to turn it on recently, as we had not had it on in many number of years and I felt more comfortable having someone experienced try this. Everything worked fine, and thanks again Joe!

We have only experienced the furnace for a few days now (and Winter is coming…) but we are really pleased with how everything is running and looking forward to some energy savings.

I can’t recommend you guys enough…We are really happy with the work of Furnace King.  There may be other good HVAC companies around, but I don’t think they will be so F. King great!!  😉

Thanks again Sandip!!”

-Tony & Marisa, Oakville

“Sales/initial visit: Experience was excellent, Sandip is very experienced and knowledgeable with 25 years in the industry and it shows.  After an assessment of needs, he took the time to explain how both central air conditioner and furnace worked together and what optimal system would be.  Issues for me were cooling of third floor and kitchen despite many windows and that there not be significant drop off as you went up each floor.  I had not been intending to purchase a furnace, it was the fact that the blower on my furnace would not adequately support new A/C.  It like the A/C was also 15 years old on its last legs and purchasing both furnace and A/C would result in significant savings rather than purchasing separately.   All employees are bonded.  He had a binder of letters of satisfaction from customers – spoke volumes as you often don’t see this for job well done.  Again, impressive and left me with very positive impression.

Home Depot/Financing – Having Furnace King as their authorized contractor/installer spoke volumes as Home Depot does its due diligence in selecting a local installer and the service, i.e. they are very selective.  They want to ensure you as a customer are completely satisfied and this is reflected in the installer they choose.  Professionalism and experience of Furnace King backed this up.

Deciding factors

1.    36 equal payments, 0% interest over 36 months on Home Depot card– Made financing easy

2.    Professionalism, knowledge and expertise of Furnace King

3.    Signed written Guarantee and warranty of 10 years on parts and labour (not often you see the latter) 4.    Potential hydro (electricity) savings with purchase of high efficiency furnace and air conditioner.  Again, very well explained.

Installation: Professional installation of air conditioner and furnace.  Clean, placed drop cloths down in house and left it cleaner when they started.  I did ask them to adjust blower fan so that third floor would be cool.  Overall, very happy.

Initial experience: very unhappy as air conditioner did not work properly and failed to cool below 24 C.  The following day, did not cool at all, house warm.   Key factor I found in experience with a company is not how the company does when things go well, but rather how they respond when things go wrong.  In this respect, Furnace King was excellent.  Called Furnace King that the air conditioner was not cooling and they were there within 2 hours.  I asked him a lot of questions on why the system wasn’t working and Mike was excellent.  He quickly diagnosed that the condenser coil had frosted over and that this was a result of either low coolant and/or decreased air flow, although he suspected former.   I found it hard to believe that a brand new system would not function.  I assumed that once plugged in, it would automatically work.  It turns out, not entirely true as it is dependent upon amount of coolant in the compressor, air flow and other settings.  Yes system is brand new and compressor comes pre charged with coolant but that you need to adjust according to size and configuration of house.   So yes indeed unfortunate, he did say this sometimes, although rarely, happens, as each house is different.  Once condenser coil was dethawed, he added more coolant to the system as well as increase air flow of the furnace.  He also helped balance system by adjusting more airflow to higher floors.  As a result negligible difference between main floor and 2nd and 3rd floors.   Needless to say, very happy that system is working properly.

Follow up: Superb.  Sandip followed up quickly regarding questions, after install and after service call to modify/correct system.  He really cares that the system is working to your satisfaction.  Well done.

Overall, despite having initial difficulties with the central air conditioner, I believe it was a blessing in disguise as it allowed them to fine tune the system optimally.  I would whole heartedly recommend Sandip and Furnace King as I discovered first hand they stand behind their product and work and work hard to ensure you are happy.  Experienced and trained professionals who know what they are doing.  My overall experience is excellent with a rating of 9/10.  It would have easily been 10+ if the system had worked right out of the box.  Customer Service and follow up were 10+”

-Chris, Oakville


So sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I want to sincerely thank you for your quick response to our need for a Trane. Your explanation of your services were thorough and I felt very confident that I made the right decision to have your product installed.

The installers the next day were also very prompt and professional and worked diligently to have the unit installed and operational with no time wasted. They were courteous and made sure that  all areas were clean and tidy when they left. They also answered my questions without hesitation and that was very much appreciated. You also did the same which made it very easy for me to go ahead with the install.

Thanks very much and I want you to know that I would recommend you, Furnace King and Home Depot.”

-Eleanor, Caledon East
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