“Hi Sandip,

It was a nice experience dealing with Home Deport/Furnace King, as you have installed the furnace and Air condition in our home. We are very satisfied with the products and installation you have provided.

You were very professional in all phases of the process starting from the consultation, proposal, installation, and your follow up after installation, and all that happened in a timely manner. In addition, your prices were very competitive.

I would recommend your services to our friends.”

-Hatem, Mississauga

“Marg and I are really pleased with the work of Joe and Mike. They were here at 8 AM and Worked quickly to complete the installation of the new furnace in approximately 3 hours. We are grateful that you arranged to have the furnace installed in less than 24 hours. The first night without heat was not too bad, but Friday night the house cooled considerably and We were chilly. To have had to wait until  next week would have meant sleeping elsewhere. The little details  of the installation were very considerate. Converting the air cleaner to take a cardboard filter; re-routing the Hepa filter hoses to reduce the tangle on the floor; replacing the humidifier core; replacing the drain hose from the humidifier to the condensation pump; providing a new condensation pump And placing it near the front of the furnace where it is easier to access. The new thermostat
takes a little bit of getting used to, but I think I’m up to it.

It’s always a pleasure dealing with you. I have confidence in your recommendations and appreciate being able to discuss freely the solutions  available. Thank you very much.”

-David, Etobicoke

“I was delaying getting back to you so that we could test out the new furnace and humidifier for a few days. So far it has been working flawlessly. It is quieter, smaller, better at circulating the air and the humidifier really makes a noticeable difference.

I thank you, the installers, the initial repair technicians and all of Furnace King for the amazing product and customer service.”

-Arsalan, Mississauga

“Good evening Sandip,

Truly sorry for the delay in responding to your email.  Please let me say a big thank you for your guidance and straight forward approach the night you visited my home.  I really appreciate your presentation.

I was very happy with the work completed by the installers John and Mike. They were respectful and left the place clean. Mike also took the time to explain the start up of the air conditioning system and why it was better to wait until spring of 2016 because of the current outdoor temperature.   As a bonus he showed me how to service and maintaining my by-pass humidifier.

I am anxiously looking forward to the next steps

1)      Receiving the $400 rebate from OPA

2)      Registration of the  warranty upon start up of the compressor as per my instruction

3)      Start up and commissioning of the air conditioner in April/May 2016.

I realize that all three of these steps are outside of the control of Furnace King and would be happy to recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.  If and when I need a new furnace I will certainly be calling Furnace King.


-Wayne, Mississauga

“Hi Sandip,

I mentioned to you a week ago that we had thoroughly researched your market, and invited three companies to actually make presentations to us about their furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters.

We appreciated the time and thoroughness of your presentation Sandip . I especially appreciated your recommendation that we keep our existing quality air cleaner instead of wasting $$$ on a new unit. A competitor of yours also recommended, and quoted on us purchasing a new 5 ton, 20 Sheer A/C unit. You instead gave us a detailed explanation of why a 20 Sheer unit was overkill, and recommended a new 5 ton, 16 sheer, Trane A/C unit which resulted in us saving a significant amount of $$$.

Sandip, you made reference throughout your presentation about the ability, and confidence you had in your installer Mike. I have heard the same “glowing reviews” of installers by various sales personnel the past couple of decades in both my personal and business life, and the majority of time the installer does not live up to the sales person hype. My experience with you company was the completely the opposite.

Mike, and his team from Furnace King spent two days at my house installing our new tankless water heater, Trane modulating furnace, and 5 ton 16 Sheer A/C unit. They were fantastic !!! Mike explained each installation thoroughly, and recommended a couple of suggestions on the positioning of the actual units, and piping that made logical sense. I also asked Mike numerous questions about my new products especially pertaining to the tankless water heater which we never had previously, and he was an encyclopaedia of information.

Thanks for all your help Sandip, and please pass my comments on to Mike, and his team on a job well done !”

-Phil, Georgetown

“Very satisfied with the overall experience, workmanship, and the professionalism of the team.

I will not hesitate to refer you to my family and friends!!”

-Frank, Mississauga


Thanks again for your time and service. The installers did a great job: On Time, Fast, Clean, and Professional. The product is very good, and we are very happy with our choice. Your professionalism is appreciated, and the fact that the rest of your organization exhibits the same level of professionalism is even better.

We look forward to many warm winters and cool summers.”

-Carl, Oakville

“Good Morning Sandip,

Thank you for meeting with us to provide us with a quote for a furnace. We appreciated that you did not try to oversell us on equipment and add ons that in hindsight we did not need. Other than the benefits of the actual furnace that we purchased, the focus on providing us with what we needed over what we might be willing to buy  and then regret with a strong sales pitch was the next most important factor in us choosing your company.

In addition to the monetary components of the installation, you also spoke to the guarantees provided by your company,  short term and long term, which included assurances re the expectations and quality of the installation and the installers.

We would like to acknowledge that the installers met and exceeded your promises. They were respectful, courteous, and we would say perfectionists with respect to the quality of their installation. For us the attention to the small details told the story.

We will be in touch when our AC is ready to be replaced.”

-John, Mississauga

“Hello Sandip,

WE would like to thank you for your expertise and explanation about the new furance and air conditioner.We are very happy with the new eqipment.

Also thanks for the great job that Mike And John did with the flawless installation.

As a salesperson your approach appealed to my own professional attitude towards doing business with you. Now this what makes company grow and experience that customer never forgets but tells all his friends and family to do business with Furnace king.I think the last name King speaks for itself.”

-Amirali, Toronto

Hi Sandip,

We are very happy with the new furnace and A/C. It was an easy process and I learned a lot about how the system works. I appreciate you taking the time to explain the different types of furnaces and A/C units. What ultimately sold me was the 10 year parts and labor warranty and the 3 degree temperature guarantee from the warmest to the coldest spot anywhere in the house. Plus I felt the price was quite competitive.

The installation went very well.  Mike was professional, courteous and did a great job with no mess. We are very happy with the new system and would recommend Furnace King to friends and family.

A very happy customer,”

-Sean, Mississauga
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