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5 Precautions to Ensure your Air Conditioning System can Run Throughout the Summer

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In hot Ontarian summers air-con systems are a blessing—but a curse when they break down from improper maintenance and heavy loading-caused wear-and-tear. As HVAC specialists in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville we’ve got a number of time-tested-and-true tips to keep your unit in tip-top shape. We’ve got 5 helpful precautions to ensure your air conditioning system can run through the summer efficiently:

  1. Check/Change your air Filter
    Your air filter is like the wizard-behind-the-curtain of your air-conditioning unit and controls the air flow and air quality. Keeping your air filter clean will keep your unit running smoothly as it will prevent the air flow from bogging down, which happens with a dirty filter will. It will also prevent allergens from circulating in your home.When the weather is extremely hot change your air filter more often. You will use less power and have cleaner air.

  2. Check for Debris
    To ensure your air conditioning system can run throughout the summer efficiently you need to check to see that there is no debris in and around the exterior of the unit that can be sucked into the device (which would cause it to work harder and less efficiently). Create a two-foot perimeter between the air-conditioning unit and all debris.

  3. Check your Ventilation
    Just as the exterior needs to be free from debris you should also check the interior ventilation to ensure it is free of vent-clogging elements like garbage, children’s toys (you would be amazed how many times we have seen this) or anything else that can restrict air flow and cause the unit to work harder than needed. This should be done be a qualified HVAC professional.While we check your vents for debris we’ll also look to see if there is any mold or mildew, which will adversely affect the air quality in your home.

  4. Vent Heat Sources Outdoors
    The more heat-creating appliances that you vent outdoors the cooler your home will be and the less your air-conditioning unit will have to work on overdrive. This means the stove, clothes dryer and bathroom all need to be properly vented to the outdoors.

  5. Check your Ducts
    If your ducts have leaks you will lose valuable cool air, which will force the unit to work harder—so ensure all your ducts are professionally sealed. While you are at it you will want to seal any air leaks around doors and windows.For more tips continue to follow our blog, as your HVAC specialists in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville—we’ve got you covered for a cool summer and we’ll help your take all necessary  precautions to ensure your air conditioning system can run through the summer efficiently.