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The heating and air conditioning industry in the Greater Toronto area is extremely competitive.

The result is a glut of independent contractors trying to low-ball each other in order to get your business. On the surface, it sounds great – more competition means lower prices all around! But dig a little deeper and you’ll realize that the only way some of these contractors are able to offer this bargain basement prices is by bending the rules and taking short cuts. Even worse, many contractors in the Greater Toronto area are unqualified and non-licensed.

Furnace King isn’t the cheapest company on the market, nor are we the most expensive. We are simply the company that guarantees the best value for your money. With over 40 years of experience, we have never walked away from an unsatisfied customer, and we never will.

  • “The furnace is great, the installation was great (your crew was fantastic) and the moving of the furnace to its new location was planned and executed extremely well and much appreciated. I can’t say enough good things. Your group did a fantastic job.”

    Alan, Mississauga
  • “Yes, very satisfied so far. Your presentation left us confident with the decision to place our business with you. The installer team were great and Mike ( I think that was his name!), explained everything clearly. We were most grateful that you could schedule the installation earlier, as the old A/C unit had stopped working completely. Obviously, we need to have a full summer season and winter season with both A/C and Furnace operating and verifying the power savings, but I am confident we made the correct decision, Thanks for being so professional.”

    Dave, Oakville
Why Should You Trust Us?

With over 40 years of experience, you can say we know what we’re doing.

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