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Choosing the Right Contractor

Workers listen to when we building bridges ?

The heating and air conditioning industry in the Greater Toronto Area is extremely competitive. The result is a glut of independent contractors trying to low-ball each other in order to get your business. On the surface, it sounds great – more competition means lower prices all around – but dig a little deeper and you’ll realize that the only way some of these contractors are able to offer their bargain basement prices is by bending the rules and taking short cuts. Even worse, many contractors in the GTA are unqualified and not licensed.

Do you know what can make your brand new 95% efficient furnace run at 80% efficiency? The way it’s installed.

When it comes to the efficiency of of furnaces and air conditioners it’s all about the installation. Unlike a TV or stove, furnaces and air conditioners can’t simply be plugged in, they have to be customized to your home. In fact, the most important day in the life of your furnace or air conditioner is the day it’s installed!

Should you really trust that day to the lowest bidder?

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