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Dear Curious Homeowner

**This Promotion has expired. To see our current offer, go to our Promotions Page!

Yes, it is absolutely true. You can actually replace your old(and probably very inefficient) furnace and air conditioner as a package for at least $1400 less than you have to pay any other time.

Let us Explain…..we had a fantastic summer this year. You must have spent enough money to enjoy every bit of it. Some of your furnaces and air conditioners might not be working that efficiently though! You folks must be thinking to live with it for the rest of this summer or planning to change your furnaces before winter. This might cause a slow down in my business. In order to keep my highly trained installers busy during this transition period I had to come up with a “No Brainer” that could get you off the fence to call me now instead of waiting until next year!

Here Is The Deal

40% off our Best High-Efficiency Furnaces and Air Conditioners.

Get $500 cash trade-in for your old, inefficient air conditioner!

FREE 10 Years Parts & Labour Warranty ($299 each). You won’t pay a penny for any repair for the next 10 years

FREE Caribbean Trip for two. No need to win. Truly it’s FREE

Receive $650 Rebate from OPA

Ask for for Details

HURRY! Remember, I only have decided to offer these huge discounts to only 33 Homeowners to catch up with my business.When they are sold we’ll return to our normal pricing. Don’t wait until next year to replace your heating and cooling system.


So, please call FURNACE KING Heating and Cooling at 905-564-5464