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Deciding whether oil or electric to gas is right for your home

One of the things you need to consider when you own a home in Canada is the climate and how you’ll heat the space you live in. Replacing or remodeling the heating source means you’ll have some choices to make, and looking at the benefits of converting from oil or electric to gas means you’ll need to look at a few different factors.

Keep in mind, gas is the cheaper option so converting over from electric is a good idea. The conversion will be easier if you’ve got a forced air system, although it’s still possible if you’ve been using baseboard heaters. While there’s an initial cash outlay to change the furnace over, there’s generally short payback period involved.

In a word, the conversion from oil to gas is even easier since there is almost always the proper ductwork and HVAC system in place. With the prices of oil skyrocketing, the average homeowner sees the benefits right away in making the switch and like the changeover from electric to gas, the period to recoup the costs of the conversion is extremely short.

One more point to consider. Natural gas provides a domestic supply with air quality that’s often improved over older heating techniques like oil.