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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll want to look for a production date. This is typically situated on the outside of your unit. If your equipment is under five years old, it may be protected by a warranty. However, warranty terms & conditions vary between manufacturer and installation companies.

We can confirm your warranty standing via a system inspection or our records if you purchased your furnace, AC, or other equipment from us.

A maintenance service helps your heating or air conditioning system provide efficient, trouble-free comfort throughout the year.

During your service visit, your technician will

  • Clean your unit
  • Check the pressure of refrigerant levels
  • Lube moving parts
  • Complete an energy savings examination

We also perform a 21-point visual system inspection to make sure your system is running correctly.

The cost of maintenance differs by season and what equipment we are servicing. The most economical way to carry out maintenance and keep your equipment running the longest is to get on our Maintenance Plan.

Think of how you get regular oil changes for your car, to keep it running well, and to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid. Luckily with furnaces and ACs, you only have to get it serviced once a year. This allows it to maintain high efficiency and to avoid the filters getting dirty, the sensors getting plugged, or the gas pressures modulating, which will make efficiency drop

Having our technician look at your furnace or air conditioner once a year allows us to point out any issues that may be covered by your warranty and get them fixed for you at no cost before your warranty runs out.

Your furnace and air conditioner will last longer and keep you comfortable more often and will save you money on utility bills.

We repair most makes and models. Our licensed technicians have years of knowledge from working on all equipment brands.

Our new furnace brands are Amana and Trane.

Yes, we do have financing on certain brands of furnaces, and offer new specials at different times of the year. For example, we have promotions offering no interest for 6 months, deferral payments, and major discounts on new furnaces/air conditioners depending on whether or not you have a monthly maintenance protection plan on your old equipment. We also can assist you in accessing rebates from the government that may be applicable for you.

Yes, we do have financing on certain brands of furnaces. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, we are available 24/7 on 365 days of the year. Typically we respond to an emergency call within an hour of a message being left with our call center. Our service fee is $229 + HST. Unlike some other HVAC companies, we don’t believe in gauging a client during a stressful breakdown or because they need help after normal business hours. Our fee after hours is only minimally more than a regular call during the day.

During an emergency, you may be under considerable stress, and need to be able to rely on us to have your best interest at heart. And we do. We want to take care of you and fix your problem. We are reliable and trustworthy. We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and can be trusted to give you the help you need at a fair price, without taking advantage of emergency situations.

The warranty would be transferable if the home was sold as long as you have kept up with regular maintenance and the new homeowner keeps up with the yearly required maintenance as well. You must also inform us of the sale.

A service call is $179 for reg business hours and $229 for after-hours, weekends, and holidays. This fee would include having a technician come out and give a diagnosis of what is wrong. An estimate for the repair would then be given to you and explained before any work is done. There will be times where no parts are needed and the diagnosis charge would cover the repair. An example is, a blocked drain line that can be easily unclogged, a dirty filter (only the filter would be extra), snow covering outdoor venting, and others. Sometimes, a service call may result in us performing regular maintenance service, and in those cases, it may be possible to charge one fee for both services. Of course, we would let you know beforehand.

There can be different causes for this, but usually, it’s to do with the design of ductwork. The newer units are more efficient and deliver more air, and will deliver more heat or cooling to the second floor, making it better than older systems. You also may need to unblock vents that have been closed or covered by furniture. Lastly, regular maintenance service helps ensure airflow is distributed evenly.

We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive on the market. We offer premium service and stand behind our work. We will keep coming back until the final result is 100% satisfactory. To do this, we have highly skilled technicians and diagnostic equipment. We pay quality employees fair wages and use quality products. Most of all, we are trustworthy and offer a premium, no-fuss experience.

We have built a trusted reputation in the Mississauga and GTA areas by honouring our promises and delivering quality work and equipment. We have a combined 40+ years of experience. We have a long-held Better Business Bureau A+ rating, an excellent Renovation Find rating, and countless excellent reviews on Homestars, our website, and Google. We have clients who continue to do business with us for decades. We require criminal background checks on all of our technicians and are also bonded and insured.

Newer units are much more efficient. You can expect savings of anywhere from 5 to 20% a year on your energy bill.

We advise that if you are in a partnership in regards to your home ownership, both members are present when we visit your home. We believe that it’s important for both people to share detailed information about your home and your needs, so we can suggest the best solution for both of you. We also believe that both partners should be aware and knowledgeable about their systems and who to contact when they need assistance.

Ducts are the passageways where your home’s cold and hot air travels and is distributed throughout your home. These should be cleaned if you’ve had a particularly dusty season, done renovations in your home, or the air filters have become dirty in your furnace or AC. This is a simple service that typically takes between one and three hours.

A tankless water heater will give you hot water on demand, for as long as you need it. It will also save you money because the gas is only used to heat the water when you need it. A traditional tank heats the whole tank, costing considerably more.

  • When was the last time you changed your filter? If dirty, it could cause the Furnace/AC to not operate properly.
  • Have you checked the batteries inside the thermostat?
  • Is the Thermostat operating properly?
  • Is the furnace switch shut off? (Switch it on, as sometimes it’s accidentally turned off. It’s located within 6 inches of the furnace.)
  • Is the breaker at the electrical panel on? If not, it may have been tripped due to a power outage or an electrical surge. Try turning it on.
  • Dirty filter
  • Plugged drains
  • Snow or ice covering the venting

Our technicians have been through extensive and thorough training, and have passed criminal checks, and reference checks. We give you our word that you and your home are safe and comfortable during our visit. Furnace King is bonded and insured, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which has awarded us with an A+ rating. Please see our reviews to learn more about us.