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How can smart heating systems reduce bills?

Investing in a high-efficiency furnace is a smart energy choice for homeowners. Not only can these furnaces provide superior indoor air quality and significant savings on your energy bill, but these energy efficient systems also avoid unnecessary damage to the environment.

Today’s high-efficiency furnaces have a AFUE rating between 90-97 per cent compared to an AFUE of 60 or lower for many older furnaces. While the efficiency of oil furnaces have improved, gas furnaces are considered the smarter choice. For example, 95% of the energy produced by a new gas furnace with an AFUE rating of 95 is converted into heating your home and only 5% becomes exhaust.

These units operate more quietly than standard furnaces to keep your home at a consistent temperature and help to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. By some estimates, high-efficiency furnaces can cut your average heating bills by about 35 percent. The latest smart heating systems also include programmable thermostats which allow you automatically control the temperature so you can conserve energy and reduce costs while you sleep or when you’re not at home.

Converting your electric or oil furnace to gas is another option to improve the efficiency of your home heating system and save on heating costs. You may even be eligible for a government rebate when you switch from your existing furnace to a high-efficiency model. Look for friendly service from our & air conditioning Mississauga company that deals in EnergyStar qualified products and can help you with the rebate process.