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How to prepare your ventilation system for spring

One of the best things that you can do to protect the investment you’ve made in your home is learn about seasonal maintenance and how that applies to the different appliances and equipment around the house.

Because the quality of the indoor air is so important, it’s critical to know how to prepare the ventilation system for spring. Remember this essential component brings in fresh air and helps to control moisture levels.

Start with the one of the foundations of the entire system by making sure furnace filters have been properly replaced according to manufacturer’s instructions or replaced as needed. Make sure the access panels are tightly closed and properly latched afterwards.

Remember that you’ll need to check over any exhaust fans like the one in the kitchen or bathroom as well. Most of the grills that you’ll need to remove are held in place by spring clips and keep in mind that you should never use water to clean fans.

Just before spring arrives is a good time to be sure the floor vents in your home are free and unobstructed. A drape or sofa blocking the air flow from one of these can decrease the ability of your furnace fan or air conditioner to do its job and cost you extra money.