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How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill

Everyone wants to stay warm in the winter, but we would all love to keep as much money in our pockets as we can. There are all kinds of ways we can make our homes more energy efficient but here are some quick tips you can implement today to save some money.

1.Get your furnace cleaned

There are cheaper things you can do on this list, but having your furnace cleaned and maintained by a professional, licensed technician will have the biggest impact on your furnace’s efficiency.

Having your furnace serviced when the cold weather starts every year can save you a ton of money on your energy bill.

Even modern high efficiency furnaces can perform well below their efficiency ratings if not cleaned and maintained annually by a licensed technician.

2.Replace your filter

Furnaces can lose performance and even stop working all together if using an old, clogged filter. Putting in a clean filter will help you and your furnace to breathe easier.

Replacing a furnace filter is a simple job and can be done by most homeowners on their own. Just make sure you get the right size filter for your furnace to ensure proper operation.

If you aren’t sure what size filter your furnace needs, ask your heating contractor. They usually have all the most common sizes in stock, and since you’re already getting that furnace cleaned, they’ll install the new filter for you for free while they’re there.

3.Turn down your thermostat

You can save about 3% on your energy bill for every degree you turn down your thermostat. Turning your thermostat down by10 degrees when you leave for work and again when you go to sleep can add up to a decent savings on your energy bill.

An even better option is to use a programmable thermostat so that you don’t even have to remember to constantly adjust your temperature. You can even set it to warm up the house a little bit before you wake up to prevent those dreadful cold mornings.

4.Catch some free solar

Opening your curtains during the day allows the heat from the sun to help warm your house. If you have a lot of sun exposure, why not take advantage. As a bonus, the more sunlight you allow in your home, the less you need to use electric lighting leading to even more energy savings.
Just remember to close the curtains once the sun goes down to keep all that heat in.

5.Watch those fans

A kitchen or bathroom fan can get rid of a house full of warm air in about an hour if left on. When you use them make sure to turn them off as soon as they’ve done their job.

6.Plug your leaks

You wouldn’t leave your door open all winter, would you? Yet the average house has close to that big of a hole in it if you put all the gaps and spaces together.

Applying weather stripping to doors and caulking window frames is an inexpensive way to improve your entire homes energy efficiency, and the negligible cost of supplies will easily be made up for by the energy savings of a single season.

7.Unplug your vents

Make sure your heating system has an unobstructed flow through your house. Rugs and furniture in front of vents can prevent hot air from circulating in your home properly.

8.Shrink your house

Have a room no one spends time in? An empty guest room maybe. Closing the vents and door to that room can quickly make your furnace’s heating load 100-200 square feet smaller.

9.Add some insulation

A properly insulated attic and exterior walls will help keep all that heat you paid to generate inside your home. This means your furnace won’t be working overtime to replace escaping heat.

10.Dress seasonally

It’s a no brainer but keeping your house so warm in winter you need to wear shorts and a tank top to stay comfortable makes about as much sense as having your AC so high that you’re wearing a parka in the summer.

We’re not saying you should have to wear jackets indoors in the winter,that’s why we have furnaces in the first place. Set the temperature to something you’re comfortable with wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt or light sweater. Remember, it’s always free to put another layer on.

What Next?

These are a few quick tips to get you saving money right away but the best thing you can do if you have a furnace over 10 years old is replace it with a modern, high efficiency model. The energy savings alone often pays for the installation, which is the most important factor in determining a furnace’s efficiency. If you’re planning to go that route(we’ve already discussed how to choose the right installer) why not give us a call to find out about our current promotions on new furnaces.

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