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New & Replacement Furnaces

Thinking of replacing your current older furnace?

Have a furnace breakdown and need an emergency replacement?

We are here to help. We provide options for residential heating and condo heating as well. We will provide you with all the information as you need, or come to your home and give you a customized plan and quote. Easy approval financing is available.

Purchase a Trane furnace and receive a free whole-home duct cleaning service.


Avoid having to answer this question during an emergency and in the cold.

Warranty Matters

Most furnaces last from 10 to 15 years and have a 10 year parts warranty, and 1 year labour warranty on them. (Learn more about furnace warranties on our YouTube video:

After about ten years, your furnace can become a major liability, as the expensive, intricate motors and other parts wear out.

For example, if the ECM blower motor in your furnace needs replacement, it will cost about $2,000. Who wants to dump $2,000 of their hard-earned money into a 10+ year old furnace?

Planning Pays Off

Being forced to make a serious financial decision under duress is never a great position to be in. We suggest reviewing your options with a Home Comfort Advisor in your own home at a convenient time, when your furnace is around 8 to 10 years old. That’s why we offer information sessions, customized plans, and financing options to help you plan in advance.

Plan in Advance Under No Sales Pressure with Furnace King

Planning only costs you a bit of time. We provide the info and quote at no cost, and we are always available to answer your questions.

Why Choose a Furnace King New-Furnace Experience?

Are you experiencing an furnace emergency?

We are available 24-7. Click below to access our emergency repair services for your furnace systems.