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Pros and Cons of Toronto Bidding to Host the 2024 Summer Olympics

Workers listen to when we building bridges ?

City officials are looking at the pros and cons of Toronto making a bid to host the 2024 Summer Games. A report awarding the hosting country for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games is expected to be announced sometime in the spring.

In order for a country to fully prepare itself for the Summer Olympics, they need to focus on many different areas. The Olympics houses thousands of participating athletes who have trained for many years to make it to this one event and when they arrive they need a comfortable living environment with proper heating and cooling, along with healthy meals and areas to train.

Although hosting the Summer Olympics can be quite costly for a country considering the high cost of infrastructure, security, planning, environment, resources and many variables but still it is worth as it brings great value and opportunity. The Olympics not only increase the rate of tourism and publicity but the overall economy rises drastically. Hosting the Summer Olympics demonstrates the pride a country has and allows other countries to see its diversity.