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6 Red Flags Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Urgent Repair

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Whether you live in scorching places or colder terrains, tankless water heaters are an excellent addition to your modern home. Unlike traditional devices, these heating systems only heat water when necessary, lowering energy costs. Their smaller size also frees up more space in the house, which homeowners can use for other essential purposes. 

Unfortunately, these modern devices will eventually wear down like other heating systems and need urgent tankless water heater repairs. This experience is especially true if you use it daily and live in hotter climates like desert areas. However, determining when to seek professional help can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time owning these heaters.

If you want to enjoy a safe and energy-efficient system, here are the common warning signs to call a professional for tankless water heater repair. 

1. Discoloured Water 

If your hot water looks cloudy or discoloured, it’s likely because the minerals in the tap water have accumulated in the system. It can happen over time, be unsightly, and affect your water’s smell. You should also schedule a tankless water heater repair if your neighbour doesn’t experience the same issue.

You can fix this issue by flushing the system with vinegar or a descaling solution at home or seeking assistance from a professional plumber. You can also prevent further unsightly buildup by regularly washing the heating unit every six months. 

2. Decreased Water Pressure

Seeing less hot water can be frustrating, especially during winter. When this issue happens, it could indicate that your tankless water heater needs urgent repairs. It’s a common problem with tankless systems because the mineral deposits and other sediments can block the intake and outtake pipes, preventing hot water from flowing freely. 

Since this issue only affects heated water, it may go unnoticed for a while. If you don’t use the heating unit as often, you should monitor the water pressure closely. 

3. A Leaking Water Heater

Sometimes, your heating unit might have some moisture outside because of the water temperature and surrounding room, which is usually normal. You should also know that tankless water heaters can expand due to heat. 

However, if you notice that the carpet underneath the heater is wet or the device continues to expand over time, you should address these issues immediately to prevent further damage. You can avoid expensive mistakes and protect the surrounding machines by letting a professional locate and repair the leak.

4. The Water Heater Shuts Down Frequently

Nobody wants to wash the dishes or shower with cold water, especially in winter. When you can’t get warm water when using the dishwasher or bathroom, it’s likely because of your water heater.  

Tankless water heaters have a safety feature that shuts down the entire system to prevent overheating and fires. This issue usually occurs because of sand or sediments clogging the venting networks. While you could change the filter to resolve it, you should call a technician if that doesn’t work. 

5. The Hot Water Cuts Off 

If your tankless hot water system suddenly runs cold, it could be overloaded from multiple faucets or showers using hot water simultaneously. You can help the system restart and recover by switching off one or two taps or manually resetting. You can also get a larger unit if hot water demands are high.

6. The Water Is Only Lukewarm

If your tap water isn’t hot enough, it may be due to mineral clogging your water heater system or your heat exchangers malfunctioning. Either way, you should call a professional. Never adjust the aquastat, as it can be dangerous. 

The Bottom Line 

No homeowner deserves to endure washing dishes or showering with cold water because of a broken heating unit. Your home can stay safe, energy-efficient, and comfortable by knowing the signs of damage and scheduling regular tankless water heater repairs. 

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