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AC $9.99*/month

Furnace $10.99*/month

AC & Furnace $20.98*/month

The Seasonal Maintenance Your Furnace, Air Conditioner, or Tankless Water Heater Needs in order to Perform Efficiently and Reliably

What's Included? 

21 point precision tune-up, cleaning and safety inspection yearly, which keeps your equipment running well and your warranty valid until its due date.
24/7 emergency service priority booking, with a response time of less than one hour
Regularly scheduled maintenance with date and time reminders in the form of calls, texts, or emails
15% off all repairs
One no-charge service diagnostic per year
10% off if you are over 60 years old
An opportunity to do your regular maintenance for less and get more benefits

Pay $99* for your maintenance instead of $179*

Instead of paying $179* + HST for your next maintenance, you can get on our monthly plan which has so many added benefits, and you’d just pay $99* today. Then going forward you’d pay your monthly fee and get all of your maintenance covered by the plan. We’d contact you to set up your appointments each year so it’s simple and easy.
Sign up for our monthly plan and get elite benefits that help ensure your home is comfortable and efficient. It’s one less thing for you to worry about. 

You’ll get benefits such as first-in-line service, regular appointment reminders, discounts, and regular maintenance without a worry.

*Prices displayed do not include HST.
Details and Fine Print

Maintenance + Protection

AC $24.99*/month

Furnace $25.99*/month

AC & Furnace $50.98*/month

The Most Comprehensive Home Comfort and Air Quality Service and Protection Available

What's Included? 

Unlimited no charge repairs*
Unlimited no charge emergency service visits
Point Precision annual maintenance service, cleaning and safety inspection
24/7 Priority Emergency Service with a response time of less than one hourno charge repairs*
Extended coverage for your humidifier or air cleaner available for a small fee
Receive up to $1000 Furnace King  credit towards the purchase of a new furnace or air conditioner (Up to $500 per appliance)
A 10% discount for all customers over the age of 60
These cannot be combined with other promotional offers, some parts excluded, please see contact for details.
$1000 limit on equipment 15 years older or more

Pay $99* for your service or repair call instead of $179*

Instead of paying $179* + HST for the diagnostic assessment you need, you can get on our monthly maintenance and protection plan, which has so many added benefits, and you’d just pay $99* today. Then going forward, after we have completed the repair, you’d pay your monthly fee and get all of your maintenance, service and parts covered by the plan. We’d contact you to set up your appointments each year, and always be ready to help if you need it, in fact you’d get priority service, so owning an older furnace or air conditioner is simple and easy.
If your equipment is 14 years old or less and you want to ensure you have coverage in case of a breakdown, as well as regular maintenance, check out our Maintenance + Protection Plan.
(for Furnace, AC, Tankless Water Heater)

*Prices displayed do not include HST.

Both plans offer amazing benefits:

Your equipment will last longer. In fact, it can almost double the lifespan of your furnace or AC
You will save on your energy bills, and that savings will cover the cost of your monthly fee, and still leave you with more savings
We will make sure your systems are working efficiently and safely
Getting your equipment serviced once a year keeps it like new, and ensures it has a longer life.
We can give you a heads up about any extra work that we foresee and catch it before it becomes a more expensive problem.
You can spread the expense of owning a furnace and AC across months instead of having a big yearly cost. It will have a less noticeable impact on your spending/savings.

Say Hello To:

Priority service
Savings on repairs and bills
Us when we call you to book your annual maintenance

Say Goodbye To:

Expensive and sudden repairs
Voiding your warranty because you forgot to schedule your annual maintenance
Big bills and financial stress

Some Happy

Monthly Customers

  • "We purchased a new home last summer, and then found out that the furnace was not functioning at all. Neither of us had time to deal with this nightmare. Furnace King came out right away and fixed the problems. They suggested we go on their monthly service protection plan, which includes a warranty for older furnaces. With that warranty we won’t have to worry about expensive repairs, and over the next few years we can budget for a new furnace. It’s the best way to go if you’re busy and have purchased or inherited an older furnace."
    Anna Lee and Randolph Anderson
    Brampton, ON
  • "I love the Furnace King monthly plan because I never have to fork out a huge amount all at once. The monthly plans cost the same as two Timmies a month, which I can drink in a day, easy. But then when it comes time to get my yearly maintenance, it seems like it’s free, and there’s no hassle, no fuss. They just come and do the job. I always like seeing my tech, Claudio, and not having to worry about money makes it easy to take care of my furnace and ac units."
    John Taveres
    Mississauga, ON
  • "I like the fact that Furnace King makes sure my furnace is always functioning at high efficiency. For ten dollars a month, it’s totally worth every penny!"
    Rebecca Janson
    Oakville, ON
  • "Since we went on the monthly plan, we have been treated extremely well by Furnace King. We didn’t expect that, since we’ve had so many hassles with unprofessionals in the past. Furnace King treats us like real people, not just dollar signs. We look forward to our annual furnace and AC maintenance services. Our technician loves to show us new things about our units."
    Micheal and Adam Frain
    Brampton, ON
  • "For a small amount, I get full protection of my furnace, plus they take care of it for me. I have no worries, and that makes life easier for me. My wife likes it too because she doesn’t like sudden expenses. Thanks Furnace King!"
    Aaron and Willow Matters
    Toronto, ON
  • "I feel this is the better way to have your home maintenance done. I feel like it saves us money in the long run and is better for the environment. Also our air is like more breathable and less stuffy."
    Alecia Snow
    Mississauga, ON
  • "We use the monthly service plan for our rental units. It allows us to live our lives without the hassles of tenants calling with issues. They call Furnace King instead, and we don’t have to worry about huge expensive repair bills. Plus Furnace King does the maintenance. Another thing I don’t have to worry about."
    Michelle Turner
    Toronto, ON
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