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If you think your indoor air quality is quite poor, your ventilation system may be to blame. If your system has been running for a long time now and you haven’t been paying it enough attention, it’s possible that it is now circulating unpleasant odour, dust, and many other contaminates. That’s why you should include duct cleaning in your list of priorities.

Consider getting your air ducts cleaned when:

  • There are excessive amounts of debris like dust clogging your duct system and they are released into your home when the system is running.
  • You notice visible mould growth within your heating ducts or even on other parts of your HVAC system.
  • There are insects or even pests like rats infesting some portions of your ducts.

Homeowners who are also suffering from allergies or asthma could benefit from a thorough duct cleaning when the number of air pollutants in their home is greatly reduced. Of course, even if there’s no one in your family with allergies, you still deserve to breathe in cleaner air.

Now there are some who may argue that duct cleaning is just a scam. Is it? Not at all. That just means that there are a lot of companies out there that are not doing their jobs right.

We at Furnace King believe in our duct cleaning service enough to proudly claim that ours is the last duct cleaning you’ll need in a very long time.

Interested? Feel free to give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to discuss our high-quality services with you. We offer thorough duct cleaning services in Mississauga and the GTA including Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough, Vaughan, and Etobicoke.

  • “The furnace is great, the installation was great (your crew was fantastic) and the moving of the furnace to its new location was planned and executed extremely well and much appreciated. I can’t say enough good things. Your group did a fantastic job.”

    Alan, Mississauga
  • “Yes, very satisfied so far. Your presentation left us confident with the decision to place our business with you. The installer team were great and Mike ( I think that was his name!), explained everything clearly. We were most grateful that you could schedule the installation earlier, as the old A/C unit had stopped working completely. Obviously, we need to have a full summer season and winter season with both A/C and Furnace operating and verifying the power savings, but I am confident we made the correct decision, Thanks for being so professional.”

    Dave, Oakville
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