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Simple Ways to Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for the Summer

After a long winter, some simple maintenance is often all that’s needed to get your Mississauga air conditionersrunning at peak efficiency. The following are a few ways to prepare your A/C system for the hot summer weather ahead.

  • Safety is a priority. Before starting any work on your air conditioning system, always remember to turn off power at the indoor service panel and the shutoff box located near the outdoor condenser unit.
  • Get in the habit of cleaning or replacing your furnace or air-handler filters regularly. Clogged filters restrict air flow, recirculating dust within your home and reducing the efficiency of your unit.
  • Removing debris from the outdoor condenser unit is important too. Leaves and grass clippings can obstruct proper air flow and need to be cleared away from the base of the unit. Similarly, remove any items that have collected in the base pan underneath and cut back any weeds or vines that may have grown through the unit blocking air flow. Make sure the support for the outdoor unit is level to keep moisture draining properly.

Whether you’re a DIYer, or prefer to rely on our heating & air conditioning Mississauga professionals to handle the proper cleaning and servicing of your air conditioning system, some basic maintenance will help lower your utility bills and prolong the life of your unit.