“The reason for this email is to provide an unbiased and honest review of a recent installation at my home for a complete mechanical system including furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, air cleaner and programmable thermostat.

1st Contact: Phone Call – Spoke to Raami: spent enough time on the phone with me explaining the various components of a new system and the advantages of having Furnace King install (and there are many!). Very straight forward to speak to.

1st Visit: Sandip came to my home to provide a very thorough technical and financial explanation of the requirements. His knowledge was top rate and he is very personable.

Installation: Smooth, smooth smooth. Very professional, on time and absolutely no issues or problems that the installers did not overcome. One day complete installation of the entire system.

Offer: I am a very savvy shopper and do compare products and services. I had 4 different visits and quotes, and can say the following:

Price: VERY competitive

Service:Top Rate

Total Package: Cannot compare, they have more guarantees than I saw anywhere else

Financing: 3 years equal payments, no one else that I know of offers that package

Customer Service: Excellent: I had to call re a thermostat issue, and someone was at my home within 24 hours.

I feel the company is proud of their offerings and do stand behind their products. Without hesitation I would highly recommend – and my recommendations don’t come easy.

Thank you Raami and Sandip.”

-John, Toronto

Hi Sandip,

I would like to thank you Mike and his associate for doing such a good job in installing the furnace. It was not easy to run the exhaust pipes to the side of the house because of other plumbing taking a lot of space so I really appreciate that he did it. It’s working amazing so far and I will call in May for installing the outside unit of the A/C.
I will definitely recommend Furnace King !!”

-Christian, Oakville

“Greetings Sandip

I must commend you for the professional approach in the execution of your job. Rose and I feel satisfied that we are putting our trust in competent hands by choosing Furnace King to provide our heating and air condition needs. Your thorough knowledge and information which you provide to your prospective clients is essential to making the right decision. Furnace King is fortunate to have you as an employee and especially the first line of contact.”

-Renwick & Rose, Toronto

“Hi Sandip
Thank you for your message. I was expecting a big hassle trying to sort this rebate thing out and then afraid we may not get anything but to my pleasant surprise, with one phone call you and furnace king have taken care if us once again.
A customer can buy the same product anywhere but a company’s’ customer service truly makes the difference in what you get for you money. We certainly made the right choice and furnace king has valuable asset in you, Sandip!”

-Nicole, Mississauga

“Thank you for your great customer service.  We were particularly impressed with your follow up on the day of the install to ensure our satisfaction, in addition to your excellent presentation that convinced us to purchase from you.

Everything went smoothly.  The technician/installer (Mike) arrived before 8:30 am which was great as I had time to answer his questions before heading to the office.  I arrived home to a new furnace and a  husband who had been briefed on the furnace operations.  We managed to get the gas fireplace going again in the evening, but thank you for your offer to send someone the following day.  I also received the rebate forms last week and was again impressed with the prompt service.

So far so good.  There appears to be less fluctuation in temperature between the main floor and the upper level since the install and we are satisfied customers.”

-Diane, Oakville

“This is to acknowledge the superb service we received from Sandip and the installers.

It was very educational when Sandip came to talk about the furnace and the benefits/quality.

He was very professional the entire time and made us feel confident that the furnace will enhance the heat in our home and reduce the monthly bills.

It was easy to decide to go ahead and replace the old furnace.

We are very pleased to say that Sandip is a valuable employee/specialist to Furnace King Establishment.

Congrats also go to the installers ( Michael) and company.

Today we had the pleasure to meat Claudio as we needed to adjust the air flow etc.  He, also provided superb service and gave us tips and solutions for the future.

We would like in the spring to have our ducts clean and, for Furnace King to recommend to us a good company.

Best to all of Furnace King Staff and providers of Work of Excellence.”

-Angelo & Georgia, Mississauga

“Doing business with you was a great experience. You provided an honest offer and let me know more than was necessary and save me a lot of dollars compared to the big name guys.

Your installers were great and did more than needed and I appreciated that.
I would highly recommend your company to friends and family.
Thank you!”

-Mitra, Mississauga

“Hi Sandip,
I just want to say “Thank you” for making our house warm again during these extreme cold nights.

It was very nice to wake up to a warm house and hearing the new Trane furnace working quietly.
You’ve put my mind at ease.

Also, please extend my gratitude to Brian and James, who worked long hours to have our furance installed. They were proficient and experienced.  And as an extra they even fixed our gas fire place at no extra cost.

Thanks again,”

-Veng, Toronto

“Hi Sandip,

Thanks for the follow up. Mike was awesome and very professional in the installation.
Absolutely you were correct.. I finally took off my hat in the house! You cannot even tell the difference when you walk in my son’s room and we sat in the tv room without 3 blankets! Who knew! You can actually  feel heat through the vents upstairs.. Wow This is what a comfortable home is like..

It is really great to purchase something and get everything you were promised.

We made the right choice for sure and glad it was with furnace king

Thank you so much”

-Nicole, Mississauga

“Janet and I wanted to thank you for coming to see us immediately when our furnace was broken.  It was late in the evening and you were very thorough and professional throughout the consultation.  In one day, the furnace was repaired by your highly skilled staff as to cause minimal damage to the existing structure of the basement.  As promised, the furnace was working and no problems even with the recent ice storm and extreme frigid temperatures.


I would highly recommend you and your team for any HVAC repair/replacement and will be telling all of my friends to contact you for your services. Thank you again”

-Janet & Mike, Mississauga
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