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6 Tips from HVAC Specialists to Get Heating Systems Ready for Fall

Not that anyone wants to admit it but Canadian summers are short and fall is just around the corner—meaning it is nearly the time to get your heating system ready for fall. As your HVAC specialists in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville we’ve put together 6 great tips to help you through this relatively-painless process of helping get your heating system ready for fall:

1. Check your Insulation
Insulation isn’t permanent. It can shift, settle, crumble and be overall less-than-awesome. To ensure that your heating system is working optimally and your home isn’t losing valuable (economically and environmentally) heat and energy, be sure to check your insulation every fall.

2. Look for Air Leaks
We’d all love to heat the great outdoors during the winter and warm it up a few degrees but the only things air leaks in your home will affect is the size of your energy bill and the overworking of your heating unit. So look for air leaks in your heating unit and around your home.

3. Change the Batteries in your Thermostat
Batteries in the thermostat are rarely high-up on your agenda, but running a heating unit with an improperly functioning thermostat is like trying to row a boat without paddles. Change the batteries to get your heating system ready for fall.

4. Clean your Ducts
Ducts only distribute air properly when they are clean. As an added bonus clean ducts can save you tons on energy costs. Have your ducts cleaned every fall to prep your home for the heating demands of fall and winter.

5. Change your Air Filter
You’ll notice that in almost every piece of HVAC advice, as your HVAC specialists in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville, we offer we recommend changing your air filters. This is because we cannot stress it enough and we can’t count how many times we have seen dirtier-than-dirt air filters in homes. To be ready for fall debris and particles—change your air filter.

6. Check your Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon monoxide detector installation and checks are on the priority list somewhere between changing the batteries in your thermostat and cleaning out your garage. Just kidding—it is rarely on any list at all. But fall and winter brings carbon monoxide emissions thanks to us cranking up out heating systems, furnaces, fireplaces, stoves and other gas-using appliances—so ensure you have a functional carbon monoxide detector.

To help you check for leaks and clean your ducts, call Furnace King, your HVAC specialists in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville. We’ll ensure you’re prepared AND help you reduce your overall heating bills this fall and winter.