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Why tankless water heaters are better than conventional water heaters

Innovation is leading the way in home appliances and everyone is generally familiar with the latest advances in high profile units like modern energy rated washers and dryers and even refrigerators. However, progress has even touched the way we heat the water in our homes with the introduction of tankless water heaters. Following are a few ways the experts consider these tankless models superior to the conventional ones.

· With the tankless water heater, you heat water only when you need it and that translates into energy bill savings. That can reduce hot water heating costs by 30% by some estimates.

· There’s no recovery time with the tankless models. With a direct, endless source of hot water and no tank, you can take showers, run the washing machine and even wash dishes all at the same time.

· These units are both flexible and convenient. Tankless water heaters take up only a fraction of the room of more conventional models and they can even be hung on walls to save space.

Finally, there’s a convenience factor since the temperatures can be set digitally with the touch of a button.